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Advertise at We Play Loud

Advertising with We Play Loud is just smart business; after all we are a community of businesses and families growing together. We Play Loud has THOUSANDS of people visiting our facility every month from all walks of life.

Each We Play Loud has two 48 inch televisions mounted in our cafe area accessible to all patrons in our facility. We Play Loud offers businesses the opportunity to advertise their services on these 2 large flat screen televisions. We can help develop up to 10 static page advertisements free of charge and it will go on rotation along with our other advertisers. If your company already has a pre-recorded advertisement we can put that in our rotation as well. Keep in mind we do not play sound, so the advertisement must be visual.


Cost:  $250 per month.  Can be purchased month to month. Per We Play Loud location.

Discounted to $650 for a 3 Month Pre-Purchase ($100 savings). Per We Play Loud location.

How we promote your business/services:

#1.  Your ad runs a minimum of 10 times per hour on our 2 large flat screen televisions in our café area of our facility.  We our open from 10am – 6pm.  80 times per day.  Our average patron stays 2 hours in our facility; meaning they can see your ad as many as 20 times.

#2.  Your ad can be created for you FREE of Charge by us.  You send us the images you would like to use and key text; we will create and send to you for your approval.   You can provide us videos however there is no sound on these television due to music played in our facility.  But we have vendors that advertise via video and images.

#3.  Your service will be promoted on our facebook page twice a month with any special offers you have.  We have over 10,000 likes/followers that are ALL organic and from southern California.

#4.  Your promotional brochure material will be displayed in our front lobby (where all patrons have to go through) and in our café area which about 90% of patrons visit during each visit.

#5.  Your services will be promoted to every family who purchases a birthday party package at our facility. When we send them their birthday party service agreement and information; we provide them a list of our exclusive vendors; of which your company’s name & info will be included.

Demographics of our Patrons & Facility

Average Visit Length to our Facility:  2 Hours

Facility:  12,000 Square Feet w/Max Occupancy of 260 People

75% Female Adult w/2 children     Avg Age: 35+
25% Male Adult w/2 children         Avg Age: 37+

Average Medium Income:  $75,000 – $125,000

Customers from all over Orange County.


Perfect Marketing Sector for:

  • Realtors / Real Estate Agents / Brokers
  • Mortgage Lenders
  • Doctor Services / Pediatric Services
  • Dental Services
  • Baby Products / Children Clothing
  • Car, Health & Life Insurance
  • Retirement & Wealth Management Services
  • …the list goes on.

If you have additional questions or need further information please email us at weplayloudcorp@gmail.com
Advertising packages will NOT be discounted any further than listed above and we do NOT barter for other services in exchange for advertising at our facility.

Why you want to advertise with We Play Loud?

#1.  Thousands of patrons every month visit our facility.  Your advertisement will run no less than 80 times per day!  We are open 7 days a week; meaning your ad will run at least 2400 times per month!

#2.  Highly engaged audience with a high annual income.  All our followers are Organic.  Mothers are the BEST advertisers – word of mouth travels fast!

#3.  Our facilities are the best in Orange County, California.  We are the fastest growing and most highly rated and reviewed in our industry for safety, cleanliness and uniqueness of rides.

Click on the link & read for yourself:  YELP  & FACEBOOK

We Play Loud Lake Forest & Huntington Beach
Phone:  (949) 328 – 9616
Email:  weplayloudcorp@gmail.com
Website:  www.weplayloud.com

Please keep in mind We Play Loud reserves the right to approve or deny a company from marketing its products or services at our facilities.

Please follow this link to purchase either of the following Advertising Packages, then submit the form below:

Standard Advertising Package $250 / per month per location
Premium Advertising Package $650/  for 3 months (saves you $100) per location

Once you purchase your advertising package we will reach out to you and then start to gather all the images, videos and text information we will need to promote your business in our facility, on our cafe televisions and throughout our social media pages.


Current Advertisers at We Play Loud



Chick-Fil-A Logo

24011 El Toro Rd.
Laguna Hills, CA 92653
Phone (949) 458 – 3544
Hours: Monday – Saturday: 6am – 10pm
Sunday – Closed
Order Online: Chick-Fil-A Order Online

Conveniently located less than 3 blocks (less than ½ mile away). Chick-Fil-A offers catering services for our We Play Loud patrons whom book Birthday Parties and Private Events at our facility. They are our preferred caterer of choice as they are very prompt and our patrons love the food. The food is easy to serve and well packaged. Visit their online ordering menu to see all the items that have ready for order.

Phone (714) 840 9200
16486 Bolsa Chica St., Huntington Beach CA
If you are having a birthday party at We Play Loud Huntington Beach– they are the perfect caterer!  Specialty Pizzas, salads, sandwiches, bread sticks, and so much more!   Plus, they will deliver right to We Play Loud during your party time!
Stefanos Restaurant & Caterer

24781 Alicia Parkway, Laguna Hills, CA 92653

Phone 949 837 1426

If you are having a birthday party at We Play Loud – they are the perfect caterer!  Specialty panini sandwiches, antipasto platters, vegetable crudité, fruit platters, a variety of handcrafted salads and so much more!   Plus, they will deliver right to We Play Loud during your party time.


Has over 40 years of experience. She has certifications from Vidal Sassoon Academy, Sebastian International, Cinema Secrets for makeup, KP for permanent makeup and various hair extension. Her drive for excellence and passion for hair, beauty and fashion has taken her abroad to Milan and Paris where she continued her education. She also owned a salon for 10 years in Newport Beach which she moved on from earlier this year to join Ashtin Salon. She specializes in color, hair extensions, Brazilian Keratin treatment, permanent makeup, special event makeup, eyelash extensions and bridal packages. Call today to book your appointment (949) 677- 5392.



How Does it Grow? is a non-profit food education initiative dedicated to promoting agricultural literacy. Their pioneering video series tells the stories of our food from field to fork, one crop at a time.