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We Play Loud (WPL) is now offering Franchising Opportunities in the United States.  [not available in all states.]

Any potential franchisee can expect to sign a non disclosure agreement and participate in proper vetting to ensure any potential franchisee holds the capital necessary to be successful.

Estimated Costs for Opening a We Play Loud Franchise

Overall Investment Ranges from: $750,000 to $1,500,000

Typical franchisees use a combination of their own investment capital and then secure a SBA (Small Business Association) Loan to cover the remaining capital neeeded (depending on your credit, prior business experience, credit history, collateral, etc.)

Initial Franchise Fee: $50,000.00

Royalty Fees –  7% of Gross Sales       Advertising Fees of 2% of Gross Sales

Estimated Time to Build & Open a We Play Loud location once a location is secured: 4 – 6 months. 

We have seen our competitors average 6 – 12 months! That could end up costing you hundreds of thousands in additional capital.  The critical factor when opening a location is “Time”.   Your landlord will give you a certain amount of construction time, typically some months free of rent payments, or half rent.   You want to make sure you complete your construction build out in a timely manner otherwise its going to cost tens of thousands in additional rent expense alone.   You don’t want to be in a position were you are paying rent and the doors aren’t even open.   That has never happened to a single We Play Loud location and we average a 4.5 month construction time.  This means from the time we secured a lease to the time construction is done and doors are open – we have averaged 4.5 months!   Again our competitors are taking much longer which means they are paying far too much.   We want you to open your doors in a timely manner – your success is our success.  It’s really that simple.

The overall investment range of $750,000 – $1.5 Million varies due to region selected, the construction needs of a partial retail space (determined by the city/state building code), the size of your location, lease rate & down payment negotiated with your landlord, the equipment, the cafe, birthday party rooms, bathroom capacity, electrical requirements for adequate power, and much more.)


How the process starts:

#1.  Fill Out the Form Below.

#2.  Our Legal Department will then reach out to you. They will have you sign a non-disclosure agreement w/notary. They will perform a personal credit check. They will request & verify a “proof of assets” check.

You will need to provide proof of assets showing no less than $250,000 in liquid capital assets (bank statements, 401K, stocks, investment portfolio).

If you are an angel investor/investment group/hedge fund our legal team will go over the various asset documents required.

Please understand no information regarding our business, structure, sales volume, etc., will be provided or discussed without a signed notarized non-disclosure agreement, credit check & verification of proof of assets.

If you are a serious about franchising and would like to speak to We Play Loud about why investing in our team/company is smart business with profitable returns please complete the following form below:



We Play Loud’s management team has extensive experience in the children’s education & financial sector having grown from their inception two major financial service companies in the United States & Canada grossing over $60 million in sales.  In addition, its management team created and successfully sold an aviation services concierge company serving over 13 airports in the tri-state NY & NJ area; adding strength to its experience in the customer service sector.    Its partners have directly employed and managed over 250 employees in multiple states and countries (United States, Canada, China & Vietnam).   We look forward to working with you.