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Where are you located?

Our Location(s):

Lake Forest, California –   24350 Swartz Drive, Lake Forest, CA 92630 (Orange County, CA)

Huntington Beach, California – 7470 Edinger Avenue, Huntington Beach, CA 92647 (Orange County, CA)

…more locations coming soon! (Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco & Riverside)

Lake Forest Location:  We are conveniently accessible from the 5 Freeway; right off the El Toro Road Exit Ramp, in the El Toro Retail Square off Swartz Drive.

Huntington Beach Location: We are right off the 405 Freeway exit Beach Blvd, go south on Beach Blvd , make a right on Edinger Avenue and we will be on the left hand side across from Bella Terra Mall.

Go to our “Get Directions” page.

When are you open?
We are open: Monday- Sunday 11am-6pm

Anytime we are closed it will be announced on our Facebook Page.

The facility is still open to public even when birthday parties are booked at our facility. So you never have to worry about our facility being closed if we have birthday parties; thankfully our facility is quite large. “Open Play” follows our hours of operation.

What is the cost of Admission?  (PRICING PER LOCATION – IS PER LOCATION)  Lake Forest or Huntington Beach

We charge $19.00 for the first child & 1 Adult is FREE; each additional child/sibling is $10.00 and each additional adult/senior is $8.00 for ALL DAY PLAY;  excluding rainy days, days it has rained at any time during the day and/or days rain forecasted to rain or holidays- admission tickets will then be for 2 hours of consecutive play. “Open Play” is every day!

For example:

  • 1 Parent & 1 child: $19.00
  • 1 Parent & 2 children: $29.00
  • 2 Parents & 1 child: $27.00
  • 2 Parents & 2 children: $37.00

Pricing is per park. You can revisit the same park for your all day admission.  You cannot visit multiple parks with the same stickers.  For example, you cannot go to our Lake Forest location and then visit our Huntington Beach location with the same all day admission pass.  The all day pass is for the park you purchased your tickets from originally; not multiple parks.

Please keep either your admission stickers or receipt – to show at time of re-entry.  If you do not have your stickers or a receipt and we can not find your purchase in our system for the day you are trying to re-enter then you will have to purchase a new admission pass.

Pricing is per family, not per group.

You cannot switch or transfer your ticket with another adult or child.

For patrons with infants (children 1 and under); if you plan on placing your child down on the ground in our play area (especially in our large toddler area) then your child WILL be charged admission. If you plan on holding your infant (less than 1) the ENTIRE time in a bjorn or carrier then they will not be charged. However any child 1 and above will be charged admission regardless if you decide to put the child in a bjorn or carrier.  Children over 1 years of age and sleeping are still charged an entry ticket for admission.

Ticket pricing is not discounted if one or more of our amusement rides/toys are not working; thankfully we have multiple rides and toys for your children to enjoy.

Caregivers, nannies, children specialists, therapist, teachers, seniors, etc. – are all charged the normal admission price of $7 per person whom enter through our gate and into our facility.

ALL children and adults regardless of age are REQUIRED to wear socks.  Pantyhose & baby booties are not acceptable as socks; please bring only socks.   If you forget them, you can purchase a brand new pair from us.  Socks are $2.00

Prices are not prorated.  We close at 6pm everyday.  If you arrive at 5pm for example and there is only 1 hr left from closing – the normal admission price still applies and the missing playtime is not credited to your account.   So make sure you have a good 2 hours of playtime left to have fun at the very minimum 🙂

Do I need to make reservations for “open play” for a specific time or day?  You do not need to make a reservation for a specific day or time.  We are open 10am – 6pm every day and your tickets can be purchased online or  when you arrive.

Click Below for ticket purchase:


What are the general rules?

What do you serve in your cafe?
Our cafe serves a variety of beverages and prepackaged snacks any adult or child would enjoy. The cafe is a great area to sit back and watch your child play in the play area. Let your kids have fun and give yourself a little break too. FREE WIFI available as well.

We do not make big lunch meals.  For example we do not serve pizza or sandwiches.  Nothing is cooked on our premises.  It is always recommended if you are looking for a large meal you feed your children prior to playing at We Play Loud or after your play time is over.  Our cafe is just a little snacking area.

Why don’t you serve hot coffee?
Everyone wants a good “cup of joe” but we do not serve hot coffee or hot food/beverage items at We Play Loud currently.  It is extremely dangerous to have hot beverages around little ones.   Accidents can happen and the last thing we want is a little child getting burnt or scolded.  And that’s why we do not let outside coffee into our facility; so mom and dads please be sure to finish it before you enter our facility.  Thank you.

Outside Food & Beverage Policy?
Outside food & beverage are NOT permitted in our facility. Only baby formula is allowed for children 2 and under and water for children is permitted. Any baby formula must be fed to your child in the cafe area only; not in the play area. Food and beverages sold in the cafe area must be eaten and enjoyed in the cafe area; they are not permitted in any other area in our facility.  Pre-made meals, purees, fruit, baby food or pouches are not permitted in the facility.  You can go in & out of our facility to feed your children.   We offer almost all baby products to feed your child in our cafe.

We are 100% ADA compliant in that we offer a variety of food options for children with special dietary needs or allergies.  We have gluten free, non gmo, non dairy, no soy, no nut, kosher and organic snack options.

Our facility is NOT a peanut or nut free zone. Patrons should be careful if any place advertises a nut free zone. Often kids bring in nuts and other snacks in their pockets from outside. We Play Loud strives to clean our facility as much as we possibly can. We are constantly cleaning – but we can’t control if another child brings in from the outside something another child may be allergic too.

What if I leave before our play time is up?  
Once you purchase your block of play time at our reception the time starts.   If you leave early your remaining time is not credited.   If your child becomes ill, has an accident/wets themselves and you have no change of clothes, you are car pooling with another guest, there is a personal emergency, etc. ..any reason that causes you to leave earlier than your purchased play time….all these things unfortunately have nothing to do with our service.   We do not credit time, refund, or allow make up times to come another day.  We service hundreds of family every day – which makes it next to impossible to do this.   Make sure when you arrive to play, your child is healthy, no visible signs of illness, you have your own means of transportation (so you aren’t relying on anyone else 🙂 ) and that you are ready to spend some time having fun.   All sales are final once your tickets are purchased.

Do you have a toddler area?
Yes we have a toddler area that is completed gated.   The toddler area is for children 2 years of age & under.   Any child 2 & under can play in the toddler area and in the larger child area as well.  We just monitor the toddler area and make sure no children 3 & over are not in that area.

This toddler area is determined by age only.  Children with special needs older than 3 years can not play in the toddler area.   The toddler age rule applies to everyone.

Is there an age or height limitation at your facility?
We Play Loud’s indoor playground is for children 51 inches and below.  51 inches is the national average for an 8 year old.   If you have any older or taller children attending your group they WILL be permitted into the facility HOWEVER they will be treated as an adult.  Adults are ONLY permitted to play in the bounce house, go up & down the 4 person slide and play in the 1st floor foam ball area.  All other rides and play areas are strictly prohibited.  Any adults or larger children not playing safely around our smaller children/guests will be asked to leave without any refund.

If you booked a birthday party at We Play Loud and have relatives and guests with older children – these rules still apply.  Any guests of your birthday party that do not abide by these rules will be immediately removed from the facility. The safety of our children/guests is our number #1 concern.

We also have a fully gated toddler area that is for children less than 3 years of age.   If your child is 3 or older they will not be permitted under any circumstance to play in this area; regardless of medical condition, handicap, etc. – these age rules do not discriminate and apply to EVERYONE and protect the safety of the children.

Hair Dyes, Jewelry, High Heels & Children Toys – Info you need to know?
Children with hair dyes prior to coming into our facility need to be tested.  What we have you do is run a new clean paper towel across the hair to see if the hair coloring/dye comes off on the towel.  If it does not you are okay to enter.  If it does come off you have to take the child to the restrooms and wash out the hair or may have to return another day.  We can not have the hair coloring or dye rub off all over the play equipment.  It actually ruins it and is very costly to replace.  So if the little ones have that inexpensive hair coloring make sure you wash it out prior to your visit to we play loud.

It is highly recommended that adults and children should not were jewelry, chains, earrings, etc on their bodies.  We do not want a child to get those items caught on something.  It greatly reduces the risk of injury.  Plus jewelry items can get lost or damaged.

If you wear high heels to We Play Loud you will have to check them at the front desk.  Our entire play facility is covered in soft foam flooring this is why we make you do this.  They poke holes and damage the soft foam flooring.  If you bring sneakers, sandals and flat shoes you can check them into the cubbies we have at we play loud; just not high heels.

Children toys are not permitted in the facility.   Toys can damage rides and equipment in the facility.  More importantly children often lose their toys and we don’t want any unhappy children leaving our facility because they lost their favorite toy.  Toys will be checked in upfront at our reception if you bring them; the best solution is to keep them in the car.

Can people enter the facility while another person waits in line to pay?
Generally, admission into our facility is very fast.   However, rain days, hot day or holidays are typically very busy.   Everyone has to wait in line for their turn to enter our facility.  We do not let people into our facility without giving them identification stickers thus we can not have anyone enter before their entire group.   It is always recommended if you have for example a large group, person with crutches or an elderly patron, that you have everyone wait in the car comfortably while 1 adult goes in line to pay.  We can then issue your identification stickers and you can give them to everyone waiting and enter or facility easily all together.  There is no seating in our entrance area due to egress rules for safety in case of an emergency as dictated by city code per fire / building departments.  Also we can not let anyone in without paying first to avoid non payment of entrance fees.

Tell me more about booking a party or event?
We have a variety of party packages available. We make the process easy – just follow the steps on our “Book a Party” page. The link will tell you about the pricing, the rules, how to order, etc. If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to give us a call and we can walk you through it step by step. Also it’s not just for birthday parties, you can book a baby shower, graduation party, family reunion, a fundraiser or charity event, an organization meeting, corporate event, the list goes on…

Can I have an informal birthday party at We Play Loud?
We have numerous patrons invite friends and family to We Play Loud for an informal birthday party; in other words if you don’t book a birthday party room you can still celebrate your birthday at our facility. However, please keep in mind Outside Food & Beverage is NOT permitted. So you cannot bring in a cake, beverages or snacks for an informal party. Outside food is only allowed for patrons that book a birthday party room.

How do I have an informal birthday party and pay for all my guests?
You simply arrive on the day of your informal party and let our front desk know you are having an “informal party” and that you wish to pay for your guests. You will leave a credit card upfront so once all your guests are inside you will be charged for the correct number of people. Each family still has to complete and sign an electronic waiver prior to entry if they have never been to our facility before and all general rules of our facility apply as usual. We do not offer any discounts for groups. General admission rates apply.

Can I bring a baby stroller into the facility?
You can bring your baby stroller into the facility, however you can not roll it around the play area.  You can park your stroller near our cubby area, in the cafe or even roll it around the brown colored perimeter path we have that surrounds our play area

What about safety?
Safety comes first above all else. That’s why parents must always be present in the building and monitoring their children at ALL TIMES when their kids are enjoying our facility. This is NOT a day care. Also all of our indoor equipment is wrapped in soft play foam, the entire children’s play area is covered in soft foam floor padding. All of our soft play rides and toddler rides are all covered in super soft foam. In addition we have multiple We Play Loud staff members surveying and monitoring the area throughout our facility to ensure everyone is having fun.

Safety always comes first. Our staff is constantly wiping down the equipment with environmentally friendly disinfectant as well. Parents please remember to watch your kids carefully. Any child who is rude and playing rough will be asked to leave immediately. No refunds will be given.

Do you have FREE WIFI?
Yes, we have Free WIFI for our patrons to enjoy.  Keep in mind though on Rainy days and Holidays we do NOT give out our WIFI password as it is very busy at our facility and our parents/guardians need to be monitoring their children in our facility more closely during these times.

Would you allow me to leave flyers, business cards and promotional material at We Play Loud about my business?
We Play Loud  offers other businesses and entrepreneurs the opportunity to advertise at our facility by either becoming a Standard or Premium Advertiser; paid on a monthly basis.

Will you trade/barter for services for advertising at We Play Loud?
We Play Loud does not barter/trade services in exchange for advertising at our facility.

Do you have Discounts, Senior Discounts, Groupons, Annual Memberships, Free Child Admission for Birthdays, Military Discounts, & Group Rates?
Currently at this time nothing is offered other than general admission prices. You pay each time you come to play. We often have contests and raffles to win free tickets be sure to follow us on facebook & instagram.

Do you store my credit card information?
No, we do not store any credit card information.  Every time you come to play at We Play Loud you have to pay for admission.  You can purchase tickets online in advance (make sure you bring in a copy or at least have your “order number” so we can confirm your online purchase) or you can pay at our reception desk with either cash or a credit card.  (we take American Express, Visa, Mastercard & Discover.  We do not take checks of any kind.)

Do you offer gift cards?
Yes we sell gift cards in any amount but we find the following amounts to be the most popular, therefore we have made them easy to purchase on our website $25, $50, $75 & $100. You purchase them by going to our online store. They will be mailed to your address on file when you create an account through our system to purchase your gift cards. If you purchase a gift card and wish to have it mailed to a different address other than your own (if you are sending it to someone else); simply email: weplayloudcorp@gmail.com your order number when you purchase your gift card and email us the address you would like it mailed to. We will then email you back confirming your request. But you first have to purchase the gift card through our system and then email us the order number and mailing address. Otherwise your gift card will be mailed to your address on file.

You can of course come to our facility to purchase a gift if you need it fast.  Simply go to our reception desk when you arrive and request a gift card.  It’s fast and easy.

We do not store your gift card information on your file.  Treat your gift card like cash; if you lose it, it can not be replaced.   When you wish to use your gift card at We Play Loud for open play you must bring the physical gift  card in with you so we can swipe it during admission.

Any gift card you purchase at any We Play Loud will work at any of our locations.

Do I Need To Sign a Waiver?
Yes, the first time your family visits our facility a waiver is necessary. You can complete the waiver at home by visiting the “Waiver” tab of our website. First page of the waiver you are entering the Guardian/Parents info.  Next, you go to the participants tab where you enter each child’s name. Under the participants you can also add additional people who might be bringing your child to the facility without you. For example: a nanny, grandparents, friends and relatives. If you forget to complete this waiver at home, we do have computers set up in our reception area for you to complete the waiver prior to entry. Again it is easier to do at home since children are anxious and want to play as soon as possible when they arrive at our facility. The next time you visit our facility there is no need to sign the waiver since your information will already be in our system. Simply say your last name and we will find your information and get you right in. Any information we request in our waiver system is required, the information will NEVER be sold to any 3rd party and is for emergency contact information.

Are Pictures Permitted at We Play Loud?
Pictures are permitted to any paying patrons that enter our facility. Keep in mind you should be courteous to those other parents and children around you. If another child is in the frame of your child, please ask the parent accompanying that child if it is okay to take the picture. Patrons that walk into our facility just to look without a child in the reception area are NOT allowed to take any pictures. Please keep in mind too, plenty of pictures can be seen by visiting the Pics & Videos page of our website.

Can I book a birthday party over the phone?
Birthday parties can only be booked 2 ways. One way is by booking online through our website by visiting the “Book a Party Page” and following the easy steps indicated. The second way is by booking your party at the front desk of our facility. 99% of our clients book their party right through the website. The only way to secure your date, time and party room is by securing the room by paying the non-refundable deposit. There are no soft holdings and dates are given by a first come first serve basis. We generally book 6 – 10 birthday parties a day for future dates at our 2 locations; so please do not wait to the last minute. We get 2 – 3 phone calls a day asking for birthday party dates that are already full.

Do you do birthday tours or can i tour the facility first?
If you would like to tour of facility first – we ONLY do tours inquiring about birthday parties Monday – Friday from 11:30am – 5pm.  If you would like to tour our facility you will still be required to sign a waiver prior to entry.  We do not do tours on the weekends as our party rooms are booked out and we don’t want to disturb our parents & guests on their special day.  Also we do not do tours on holidays or observed holidays as we are extremely busy with open play patrons (since all the little ones are out of school).

If you are coming to We Play Loud for “Open Play” we do not do tours of our facility.  The beauty of our facility is when you walk inside in our reception area you can see our entire facility. It’s one big square shaped 12,000 square foot facility of fun.   Once you purchase your tickets to go inside it is for 2 hours of consecutive play.  All sales are final and non refundable.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards:  Visa, Mastercard, American Express & Discover, debit cards & CASH.  We do not accept personal checks.

Lost & Found Items?
We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

When are your busiest days and/or slow times?
Weekdays are less busy than weekends.  When the weather is bad we are generally busy.  People ask “what are your slow times?”  The truth is there are no slow times.   What could have been slow last week may be busy this week.  So we can’t let you know what times or dates are busy or not; they are always changing.   Also we do not return calls asking if our facility is busy.  What seems busy to some is not busy to others.