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A number of patrons have inquired about the possibility of closing our facility to the public and booking it privately. Our goal when we started was to ensure our public would never be turned away. However, We Play Loud is offering evening private booking hours which will not interfere with our normal business hour patrons.

Our facility will be available for private bookings from 7pm – 9pm. A private booking can be chosen any day of the week (when the facility is not closed for holidays or scheduled maintenance). The cost is $2,000.00. It will give you access to 2 party rooms, cafe and a full staff catering to all your needs. You can bring in your own catering without any service fee. This cost includes 200 guests, plus the host’s immediate family (mom, dad and children). Any additional guests above the allotted 200 guests will cost $10/per additional person.  Alcohol (beer, wine, liquor, champagne, etc.) is NOT permitted in the facility.  You can bring in outside entertainment like DJ’s, live music, etc. that can be set up in our cafe area.   You can have vendors stay to serve guests if you like, even though our party staff will happily serve all your guests.  All vendors and guests are required to wear socks inside the facility.  You can NOT have food trucks park in the front of our facility; we do not want children going in and out of the facility – it is simply not safe.

Please keep in mind the private booking rate will not be decreased regardless of a smaller party count. The fee covers the employee cost, operating cost and time in our facility. Should you have a smaller party count you may want to consider booking a normal birthday party package during normal business hours.

To book a private event please visit the “Book a Party Page”: https://weplayloud.a.pcsparty.com/bookings/index.asp

Select the date first and then “Private Party”. If you have any additional questions please feel free to email us at: weplayloudcorp@gmail.com or call 949 328 9616.